AppSumo hired me as a contractor to help with design work on a variety of projects, redesigning existing features as well as adding new features. Here are some of the things I worked on.

User Profiles

AppSumo wanted to add user profiles to their website for their community and asked me to design these.

Shopping cart

AppSumo's shopping cart was a completely separate page. This required a user to take extra steps to see what's in their shopping cart and to add or remove items. I designed two on-page variants, one embedded in the page and the other an overlay that slides over the current page. After the final design was chosen I prototyped it in Vue.js.

Manage licenses

Over the years the complexity of product licenses had increased and managing product licenses became more difficult for users. I was asked to simplify this so users could more easily cancel, up- or downgrade, activate, or gift their licenses.

  • Date: 2019 - 2020
  • Role: Design, Front-end development (prototyping designs in Vue.js)