Screely editor

In my spare time, I love working on side projects. To build ideas I have for products or just to experiment with new programming languages, frameworks, or tools.

I regularly need to share designs or screenshots of my work. I wanted to make these look better without having to load up Sketch or Photoshop to add a background and window every time. I tried finding a tool that did this but after not being able to find one I decided to build it myself.

I wrote a blog post on how I came up with the idea, validated the idea, build an MVP, and launched the product on freeCodeCamp.

The product did quite well with 31.000 users in the first week and went viral across a number of websites and social media accounts.

It got to the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt, was featured on the front page of Hacker News, got tweeted out by big Twitter accounts like CSS Tricks and featured on popular newsletters such as Codrops.

After this success, I did a full redesign and rewrote the app in React.js to improve the MVP.

  • Date: May 2018 - ongoing
  • Role: Design, development, and marketing