For two years I worked as a web designer at TUI, one of the largest eCommerce websites in The Netherlands. During this time I worked on improving the website by performing A/B tests for optimizing conversion, designing and building new features, and re-designing existing parts of the website to improve them.

Here is a small collection of things I worked on during this period.

My TUI Mobile

During the rollout of the mobile website, I was responsible for My TUI, the customer environment section, from sketch to high-fidelity prototype.


Redesign Last Minute Holidays

During my time at TUI, I was mainly focused on marketing-related parts of the website. This led to me working on a lot of national marketing campaigns where TV, radio, and web ads were used to drive traffic to landing pages. Optimizing pages for a higher conversion rate was always very important to increase the ROI of these campaigns.

This is an example of redesigning a page to reduce the number of choices a user could take and better direct them to interesting offers.

Landing page redesign

Travel Agency Directory (redesign)

Apart from the mobile website, marketing-related activities, and conversion rate optimization I also worked on improving existing parts of the website.

This is the before and after of such an example.

Travel Agency directory redesign

As the travel agency directory did not have a mobile version I was tasked with designing and creating that as well.

Travel agency directory redesign on mobile

  • Date: 2014 - 2016
  • Role: Webdesigner